You Just Tryin' To Smash.....So?!

May 05, 2022 01:05:07
You Just Tryin' To Smash.....So?!
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You Just Tryin' To Smash.....So?!

May 05 2022 | 01:05:07


Show Notes

What was y’all favorite class in high school? One of mine was Sex Ed! I thought I knew it all and could do it all! Even got an A in a course of Sex Ed in college! On this we get a crash course on Sex, as I’m joined by an actual Sex Educator! Let’s see if she can school us on the dos, donts, ins and outs of sex, especially in relationships, friendships and situationships!


Cortney @iamchayden/

B-Eazy @preacher_bp

Christy Marian Christiana (Facebook)

Mya @mya_rashanna

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